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Picking Up Your Puppy!

New Changes Effective 8-29-2021


This allows you the opportunity to hand select & inspect your puppy!


We will no longer be offering Shipping, via airline cargo, for our puppies, UNLESS you directly fly into TYS airport and inspect your puppy prior to purchase.


We NO LONGER allow customers to come to our home for purchase & pickup,this is for the protection of our puppies against contagious disease and our own family!


We will meet in a safe and convenient location, within 1 hour driving distance from my home, at no cost to you (the buyer).


Contagious disease such as Parvo are all too common and are getting worse...


We do provide numerous vet references so you can perform your very own background check so that you have a good piece of mind that you are not purchasing from a puppy mill or back yard breeder.


Also our entire facility is shown on our farm and facility page if you would like to check that out, our pictures of our dogs are always kept current and updated.


PLUS our AKC inspection certificate is readily available for your viewing on our website also...Our Most recent AKC inspection was July 2023.


We are also Licensed in our county as well as by the state of Kentucky for the sale of our puppies.


Puppies are generally ready for pickup at 8 weeks of age, and must be picked up then. We let our puppies decide when is the best time for them to go to their new home, sometimes they are not ready at 8 weeks and we will keep them longer depending on their needs. We do not rush our puppies out the door just because they are 8 weeks old. BUT once they are ready you must make arrangements to pick them up immediately or you may incur an additional fee. If you cannot pick up your puppy when it has been released to go home, arrangements have to be made ahead of time. I will be in contact with you and you will be aware of when the pup will be ready to go at least a week in advance.


For puppies requiring an extended stay here at TQS after we release them to go a fee of $50 a week for boarding (includes continued training and feeding) is require. If the stay is long enough that the puppy then requires additional vaccines an additional $25 will be required PER Vaccine! Puppies will NOT leave our premises unless they are fully up to date on vaccines.


If arrangements are not made in advance your deposit and puppy will be forfeited.


On occasion we will keep our teacup & toy puppies until 10 weeks old, but the same rule applies.

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