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This page must be filled out and submitted before a puppy can be purchased. Please be sure to read our health guarantee before filling out this application.

What is your first and last name, and how do I contact you? (number & email)*

What is the best way to reach you? PLEASE make sure to leave contact information!!*

Do you understand and agree to Trammell's Quality Schnauzers Health Guarantee?*

Have you or do you currently own one of our miniature schnauzers?*

Have you or do you currently own any other type of pet?*

Specifically which puppy are you considering purchasing (if already born)?*

What size puppy do you want? Teacup (2-7 lbs), Toy (8-12 lbs), or Mini (12+ lbs)?*

Specifically which gender of puppy are you interested in?*

What color of puppy are you wanting? You may list undecided or no preference.*

What state do you live in? If you live in Kentucky OR plan to pick up your puppy in Kentucky please be aware you will have to pay KY State Sales Tax.*

We require spay/neuter contract to be signed, do you understand and agree?*

 We sell our puppies as Pet only, and we do not give receive registration papers. Do you understand this?

And finally, how did you hear about us? *

Feel free to share any addition information about yourselves with us.

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