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Microchipping is Now Available!

Microchipping is now available on all of our puppies.

The fee is $40 +4% paypal transaction fee so the total is $41.60 and it includes life time enrollment in the Companion Animal Recovery Service.

There are no additional fees for as long as you own your pet and you will receive a collar tag with your confirmation letter in about 4 weeks.

You MUST request this service.

Once this service has been provided the fees are Non-refundable!

Click below to pay for your Microchipping!

Whats Included?

This service includes one 134.2 kHz (ISO) microchips, Lifetime enrollment in Companion Animal Recovery (CAR) & Implantation. As well as a Collar ID Tag (received within 4 weeks of registration)

134.2 kHz (ISO) microchips are quickly growing in popularity in the United States and used by many large veterinary groups and an increasing number of municipalities across the country. ISO microchips are the standard in many countries across Europe, Canada and Japan and comply with ISO standard 11784.

Collar ID Tags

AKC Companion Animal Recovery collar ID tags are automatically provided with every enrollment. Our collar tags provide quick and easy access to dedicated recovery experts via our 24/7 service. Unlike a standard pet tag with one phone number, your privacy is protected while AKC CAR provides the means to contact you via the various ways you may be reached: phone, email, and even text messaging. We can also reach out to any additional contact names that you provide, just in case you cannot be reached.

Email for more information:

Why Microchip?

Why should you microchip your pet? Pet microchipping is the permanent identification method of choice to help get a pet home if ever missing. Tattoos fade or become hidden by pet's hair, and collar tags can fall off or break. Once implanted with a microchip your pet has a permanent, unique ID number for its lifetime.


Pet microchipping is a simple procedure that requires no anesthetic. The microchip, only about the size of a grain of rice, is implanted with a needle just beneath the pet's skin between the shoulder blades. After getting a microchip, it is imperative to have the microchip ID number immediately enrolled in a recovery service (free with service fee) to ensure you are contacted when your pet, if ever lost, is found.


The microchip itself has no internal energy source. Animal shelters, animal control officers and veterinarians run a microchip scanner over a lost pet's shoulder blades to look for a microchip. When the microchip is detected, the scanner displays the microchip's unique ID number. This ID number is used to identify your pet and retrieve your contact information to call you and reunite you with your pet.

Additional Information!

Once Microchipped Keep Your Records Updated

We encourage you to keep your records updated so that we can quickly return your pet home. Unique to AKC Companion Animal Recovery service, you can make unlimited free updates, including phone number and address changes. Even if you go on a short vacation with your pet, please update your online records with your temporary address and phone number.


Transfer Your Pet

Ensure peace of mind for new pet owners, and transfer pet records to pass along the benefits that microchipping and enrollment to new pet owners.


Report a Lost or Found Pet

Please use our 24-hour Recovery Hotline to Report a Lost or Found Pet: 1-800-252-7894.


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