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Richardson Family From Kentucky!

Hi Rebecca, I just wanted to write to let you know that our new puppy Remington Scout Richardson is doing great. After leaving Wendy’s, I sat in the backseat and let my son Connor hold the puppy. He regained his composure and felt more included. He and the puppy bonded all the way home.

He seems to have fit right in. He is doing well with eating and the bathroom. We bought him a little bed that he loves and sleeps in all night without wandering. He returns to his bed many times through the day for little naps on his own. Both “Remi” and Ranger run for the back door and love to explore the backyard together. They are getting along very well. Ranger seems to be very tentative with Remington.

He is a beautiful puppy and I have told facebook how wonderful your puppies are after receiving several comments and questions about him. After he has grown a little more and had another haircut, I will sign your guestbook so that everyone can see him. He is super sweet and very mild mannered, just like you said. He stays right by my side all of the time. Thank you for being a wonderful breeder!


Richardson Family

Owners of Remington Scout Richardson

Wilson Family From Tennessee

 Becky and Billy-

Back from the vet.... Soot weighed in @ 2.4 lbs and everything went great! I will take him back in 4 weeks for he additional boosters. He enjoyed the ride and really was perfect!

I believe there will be a very long, happy home for our new baby! My daughter loves to dress up our babies... So one of the pictures attached is her having a little fun.

I love him very much!

Thank you for bringing such a precious boy into my life!

UPDATE........ Rebecca & Billy,

Hello from Soot's family here in Jonesborough, Tennessee! Happy Thanksgiving! Soot went last week for his check up and his shots. He weighed in at 4 pounds and 5 ounces. He is doing so well, we even went to the Kingsport, Tennessee annual Animal Shelter Animile Race.

He is my constant companion! But the entire family sure loves Soot. I have had many people stop and ask about him. Few seem to have seen a black schnauzer. I always tell them where he came from. You should atleast get many hits on your site for the people I tell.

Thank you again for bringing us our "little" guy!

Barb Wilson ~ Owner of Soot

Son of Ritzy & Koda

Hudson Family From Kentucky


Just wanted to let you know how much we are enjoying Georgia. She and Libby are having so much fun getting to know each other. Libby is ten months old now and she is really enjoying her new playmate, as are we :)

Here are some pics I took today of them playing in the yard.

Thank you again. Never realized how having two schnauzers can be even more fun than having one :)

Our family is now complete, thank you Rebecca :)

Lara Hudson owner of Libby & Georgia!

Sanz Family From Florida!

Hello Rebecca,

I have been meaning to send you some photo's of Carmen. She must be weighing about 10 Lbs. by now and I will be having her spayed sometime in the near future (She had her first heat cycle on June 20th).

Carmen has brought so much joy into our lives, my husband and I just can't imagine life without her. She is her groomers favorite client and he is amazed at how well behaved she is, considering her age. Carmen is like a little person dressed like a Schnauzer!!!

Keep up the good work in breeding such wonderful "little people."

Take care and best wishes, Priscilla Sanz.

Owners of Carmen.

(Daughter of Hershey & Hank)

Dybala Family From Ohio!

Hey Rebecca and Billy,

We adore Rocky Raccoon. He is such a sweet boy! He loves our other puppy, Penny Lane.

They play together all the time. If separated for more than an hour, Rocky begins to "sing" and yowl. Compared to Penny, who we refer to as "the brat", Rocky is so sweet

We have nicknamed him "Prince Charming".

He is always available to give puppy kisses and cuddle. He has settled in quite nicely. Everyone raves about how cute he is and we always tell them we got him from Trammell's Quality Schnauzers. Even the vet-nurse has said he is the sweetest, most adorable puppy.

We all love him so much. Thanks for the wonderful addition to our family! Rocky Raccoon will be getting his very first haircut in a few days, wish him luck! Attached are a few pictures.

Best Regards, The Dybala Family from Ohio

Owners of Rocky Raccoon!

(Son of Callie & Koda)

Mr. Simmons From Georgia!

Becky & Billy, I'm just sending you a few updated photos of Koa.. His color is sooooo unbelievable, I found him a grooming lady who he went to yesterday and she fell in love with him, she called all her friends to come up to her store to see him and his markings.. So when I got there it was a group of people standing around him and taking pictures.. I was like what is going on, and she said she was sorry she had to call her friends and family to see Koa and his markings..

I think he was really scared because of all that attention at once, but once I got there he was fine, I was worried for a minute.. But I guess that’s the kind of treatment you get when your just that cute Koa.. LOL!! His eyes have changed, to like a nice hazel green, the camera always makes his eyes red so you can't see the color.. But he is the best and he brings soooo much joy into my life and home..

Potty training is great, create training is awesome, he goes in there to sleep on his own with out having to be forced.. He sleeps in his create when he don't want to be bothered and he sleeps in his bed when he is napping.. I seen him one time, I had his create closed and he was trying to pull the door open with his teeth trying to get in there.. He is soooo smart, spoiled and stubborn.. LOL!! He is a biter with everyone else and he likes to growl LOL!! NOT at me, I don't play that.. But he is a sweet heart, he sleeps through the night, only time he fuss is when he goes in his cage when I leave for work..

Thanks again, Alfred Simmons in Georgia

Owner of Koa

(Son of Callie & Koda)

Hurd Family From Kentucky

Hello! My husband and I bought a wonderful little dog from you back in March of this year, and she has truly brought alot of joy into our family. We named her Molly, she is still very petite, but she loves to eat. She must run off all her calories. She seems to be a very healthy little thing. She is so feisty and loves to see visitors. I can't explain how happy she gets. She has also done really well with potty training. We both work thru the day and we leave her out to wonder in the kitchen and living room. We have done this for about two weeks now and like I said she has done rather well. She meets me at the door with kisses and all ready to go outside. I thought I would share a few pictures with you. I thought you would enjoy it. She has had a few trims at the groomer, but I took her today and got all her fuzzy little hair cut off for the summer. I know she had to be hot, but she is a beauty with it cut off also.

Thank you,

Amy and Byron Hurd

Owners of Molly

Bentley/Johnson Family From Kentucky

Hi Rebecca,

I wanted to send you some pics of Sadie and Ralphie. Ralphie is huge--he weighs about 25 pounds; Sadie is small--she's about 17 pounds. They love outside of course and Ralphie loves to eat.

I had to take Sadie to the vet last month for her shots and she had been acting funny--laying in bed, not eating much, not jumping up. He said he thought she had a bulging disk in her back and gave her some medicine. It helped, but it's hard to keep her calm and prevent her from jumping. Ralphie is just a big love bug--I know you told me that male dogs were so much more loving than females, but I didn't realize until we got him--he loves hugs and kisses, while Sadie is more reserved.

I also wanted to ask you about any advice you could give me on finding Ralphie a girlfriend. He'll be a year old pretty soon and I don't even know when he should have a girlfriend. I'm probably going to get another one soon and I always look at yours first--I wouldn't even buy off anyone else.

Jewel Bentley & Todd Johnson From Kentucky

Owners of Sadie, Ralphie, and now Lucie!

Sadie is from Roxy/Walker, Ralphie is from Roxy/Midnight & Lucie is from Jet/Lil Man.

Hammond Family From Kentucky

* Jonas had his ears cropped, what a difference *


I know that you probably on hear from people who have bought a pet from

when there is a problem. I just wanted to email you some pics of "Jonas

Walker" who we purchased from you on our way back to Ashland, Kentucky from

Gatlinburg @ Thanksgiving. He was born to Roxy and Walker on October 2nd.

He has been a great pet to all of us and has been great with the

kids....he does like to chew up paper, but at least he has never touched any

furniture or other items. At any rate, thanks for selling our newest family

member to was a great choice on our part!!!


Chris Hammond from Ashland, Kentucky

Owners of Jonas Walker.

(Son of Roxy & Walker)

Johnson Family From Tennessee

Just wanted to update you on the new addition to our family. Sam is doing great!! We love him so much and know that we made the right choice. Sam loves Reese my 4 1/2 yr old son. They are two peas in a pod. Sam cries when Reese gets out of his sight. They are big buddies which is exactly what I was wanting. He has been a wonderful addition to our family. Even though we have only had him for a week I could not imagine our lives without him. 

Again, thank you so much. We are so happy!!

We would love to be a reference for you anytime!!! 

Jennifer & Reese Johnson

Owners of Sam.

(Son of Lady & Levi)

Bain Family From Florida

Thank you again for the puppies. They were great on the trip back to Florida. They are now down in Estero Florida with my parents living it up.

Here are some pictures of the new parents with the puppies. The white female?s name is Blossom and the black female?s name is Jasmine.

All the Best,

Patty Bain ~ Florida

Owners of Blossom and Jasmine ~ December 2008

UPDATE ~ October 20th, 2009

Rebecca & Billy,

I can?t believe we have had them almost a year now. The girls continue to be a great source of enjoyment for us. They?re not only great company for me when Chuck is gone on business, they are quite the welcoming committee when he gets home. They miss him when he is gone.


Karen Bain ~ Florida

Happy 1st Birthday Blossom & Jasmine!

Maness Family From Kentucky

I just wanted to take a moment and say a big THANK YOU for the wonderful addition to our family! Beasley is absolutely beautiful. I can't believe how incredible the whole adoption experience was! From the weekly emails and picture updates (my two little ones LIVED for those!!) to the unforgettable day when we drove 5 hours to pick up little Beasley, I will always be thankful we got our puppy from you. I was also impressed at the AKC packet and information you had ready for me when I got there! WOW!!! We were totally impressed.

Beasley is settling in to our family very nicely. With the passing of our 15 year old schnauzer, Murphy, our family was really lost without a schnauzer to love. After meeting you through your website, I knew we'd found the right place, and couldn't wait to visit "Schnauzer Heaven!" Beasley is a great traveler, and he makes friends everywhere he goes. We're in the midst of potty training, which is also going very well. We're very blessed to have Beasley in our lives, and I hope to send you more pictures very soon.

Thanks again for our baby schnauzer, and I know we'll see you again!


The Maness Family (Murray, KY)

Owners of Beasley

Perkins Family From Kentucky

Hi, I thought that I would share one of Landy's Christmas pictures with you.

He has brought a lot of joy to our family.

My daughter said that he was the best present that she received.

He has a great personality and his potty training is going great.

Thanks for meeting us.

UPDATED Photo Jan. 10th 2010 Below!

Happy Holidays

Kim Perkins & Family

Owners of Landy Perkins

Rawlings Family From Kentucky

We purchased Tanner when he was 6 weeks old.

His health and check up have been great. He is now almost one year old with a beautiful liver color and a personality beyond any.

He loves people (especially children).

 We are considering purchasing another schnauzer from the Trammells.

We would not hesitate to recommend the Trammells to anyone, they are great.

We love our little boy and yes he is very spoiled.

June & Wilson Rawlings

Owners of Tanner Rawlings

(Son of Ginger & Midnight)

Wagner Family From Tennessee

puppies from other breeders.

We are very happy that we have the both of them. They are the best of friends and love each other so much. I can't imagine having one without the other. Harley and Hutch were both in excellent health.

Rebecca did a wonderful job sending e-mails and pictures of the both of them to keep us up to date and give us a chance to watch them grow. I still find myself going in and checking the website to see the puppies. We highly recommend Trammell's Quality Schnauzers. 

The Wagners

Owners of Harley & Hutch

Sirry Family From Kentucky

We picked Reno and Jada (my mom's puppy) up and they were so clean and fresh smelling and they were actually the most beautiful puppies we have seen in a while.

They were so well taken care by Rebecca, & very social for 6 weeks old.

They both had a clean bill of health when they were taken to the vet.

Reno was just seen at the vet again and still is with a clean bill of health.

We are so happy that we found Trammell's Quality Schnauzers, we can not wait to add another one to our family.

Sirry Family

Owners of Reno & Jada (mother owns)

(Son & Daughter of Cagney & Midnight)

Tabitha Stamper from Kentucky

Tucker he is doing very well and becoming very spoiled, but

I love him!! The vet said that Tucker

was a very healthy & active pup and everything looked great!

He is such a

sweet heart!! Thank you so much for him and being online for someone

to find such a beautiful breed of dog.

I have been house training him and he is doing great.

Just the other night he went to his bed all by him self and stayed

there all night, I was so proud that I almost cried!

Tabitha Stamper

Owner of Tucker

(Son of Zoey & Midnight)

Michael & Donna Fox from Michigan

We took Ceasar to the vet?s for a puppy wellness check and the vet said ?He is a healthy, happy, well tempered puppy.

I wouldn?t hesitate to buy another puppy from them as it is more than obvious they take excellent care of their dogs and puppies.?

We tell everyone who asks us about him where we got him, and they mostly say ?You drove to Kentucky for a puppy!? and we tell them ?YES!? and we are glad that we did!

Thanks so much to you and Billy for meeting us in Somerset as it worked out wonderful.

Michael and Donna Fox

Owners of Ceasar, Duke of Brighton as well as Petunia & Anestasia

(Ceasar is the son of Ginger & Tyson, Petunia is the daughter of Johnnie & Midnight, and Anestasia is the daughter of Peaches & Midnight)

Mindy Denney from Kentucky

Rebecca takes such wonderful care of her puppies. At the well check up, the vet said he was a very healthy little guy and was well taken care.

He's been doing great with housebreaking and a joy to have around. 

I would recommend Trammell's Quality Schnauzers to anyone looking for a perfect new addition. I would buy another from her if I could!

Mindy Denney

Owner of Boomer

Manda Rumola from New York

Tanner is such a doll.

It is so awesome watching him

play. It's so cute.

Joey is so funny; when Tanner is

sleeping and he moves, Joey will run and pick him up

and say - puppy woke up mommy, puppy woke up, but he

really didn't - Joey just woke him up so he could hold


It is really cute.

He actually is doing

very well with going potty outside.

Manda Rumola & Family

Owners of Tanner, and now Maddie!

(Tanner is the son of Hershey & Midnight and Maddie is the daughter of Jet & Lil Man)

Brian & Beverly Ingram From Tennessee

If anyone is interested in buying a schnauzer from Trammell's Quality Schnauzers, please do not hesitate.

We have know Becky and Billy for over 5 years and have bought many wonderful schnauzers from them. As breeders and schnauzer lovers, we couldn't recommend anyone better.

They are all smart, beautiful, and top notch in quality!

All had perfect vet checks, and our vets whole staff always want to keep them when they are there. Ha.

Keep them in mind when adding a new puppy (or 2, or 3) to your home. 

You won't regret it. We sure don't!!! Thanks guys!!-

Brian & Beverly Ingram (Ingrams Schnauzers, Crossville, TN)

Owners of: Cagney, Lucy, Conway, Megan, Hank, Walker, Sydney, Grace, Froggie, & Rocky just to name a few....

All of which came from TQS.

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