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Trammell's Quality Schnauzers is a small hobby breeder, we do not mass produce puppies!

Let me just start by saying that we LOVE our schnauzers!!

They are like children to us, however with all of our dogs simply cannot all stay in the house at once.

We alternate who stays in and who stays out, with 3 large fenced areas and our covered concrete floored kennels our dogs are well housed!

Our dogs are never 100% kenneled, they are all rotated so they get the same amount of individual attention and love.

All of our puppies are raised in the house and kept inside until they leave! There is NO exception!!

Some of our males are not house broken, but do come in regularly, wearing belly bands!

We DO NOT raise any other breed!!

We take the absolute best care of our schnauzers and treat them as if they are our children.

All stay groomed nice and neat, and are very obedient.

None of our dogs have ever shown any sign of genetic disease or disorders!

If you have any questions, even if they seem stupid to you, please feel free to ask!!

Just inquiring???

We are here to help, if you have any questions about schnauzers we will help you if we can, even if you are not interested in buying.

Contact Us:

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